Tsebo Energy Education

Energy Solutions for Education  Daily power outages have had a devastating impact on our lives, and universities and schools have not been spared. The education sector has constantly expressed concern about the impact of load shedding on learning time and its effect on technical exams. Schools without access to natural light or alternative electricity generation […]

Tsebo Facilities Thought Leadership Aubrey Mcelnea

RECALIBRATE AND RECLAIM BUSINESS SUCCESS THROUGH SMART WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS As we continued to navigate the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams at Tsebo have been hard at work designing cost-effective, agile workplace solutions to assist our clients to increase control over operations while ensuring compliance with prevailing COVID-19 emergency legislation and avoiding office […]

Tsebo Facilities Breweries Solutions

“Tsebo empowers breweries by introducing carefully crafted agile solutions that take care of the day-to-day operations that are non-core to the business of running brewery. Tsebo Brewery Solutions provides variable off-site mobile solutions via a centralised call centre that incorporates partnership management, quality, cost-effectiveness and service delivery.” Download full document here

Tsebo Data Centre Solution

  THE CHALLENGE The impact of equipment failure in data centres can be catastrophic, both for data centre operators and the owners of data While effective data centre design is an extremely important factor in minimising the risk of failure, a professional, considered maintenance regime further reduces risk and prolongs the economic life of the […]

Our CEO in Profile

Dr. John Wentzel remains as humble as he is accomplished: “My mother taught me that I was no better than anyone else and that, equally, nobody was better than I was. That taught me to judge people by their characters, not by the titles they hold.” John grew up on the tough Cape Flats to study hard; achieving Honours and Masters degrees, an MBA and a PhD in engineering. A true DESTINY MAN, he is interviewed in this month’s issue…

Steering Strategic FM

In 2012 in South Africa, and as part of a Global Outsourcing Programme, Corporate Real Estate Solutions (CRES) at Barclays Africa, entered into a five year partnership with Tsebo Solutions Group (operating under the TFS banner) to deliver FM on a portfolio of 940+ properties (over 1, 2 million m2 of real estate). The move created a market-leading operating model; delivering value and effectiveness whilst protecting people and assets.

jFM’s Terry Owen talks with Paul M’Crystal, Gauteng Regional Head of Facilities Management (CRES) at Barclays Africa, on his recent appointment as Chairman of SAFMA and the success of Tsebo’s partnership with Barclays.

Future Perfect

Future Perfect

When EY (Ernst & Young) undertook the massive staff relocation into its new 23 500m2 head office in Sandton in December 2013, it implemented the largest ‘Workplace of the Future’ deployment in EY globally and unlocked the resources- and cost-saving advantages of advanced green building infrastructure. Yet for those to be fully realised, the new building’s numerous systems would have to be intensively metered and analysed – posing a more data-driven role for its FM service providers than traditionally required. With Eris Facilities Management providing integrated facilities management on-site, Tsebo Solutions Group has the mandate over office space internally. Read more about how we monitor and mould this green giant’s daily performance, to drive maximum sustainability for EY:

Challenge accepted!

Tsebo Solutions Group Project Services rises to the challenge at Stellenbosch University: With tuition and academic excellence the benchmark at all Stellenbosch University campuses, amenities and facilities must evolve to support it. In 2010, Tsebo Solutions Group Project Services (DSPS) was entrusted with a complex and extensive backlog & refurbishment contract, designed to ensure state-of-the-art campus infrastructure into the future. The budget: R200 million and growing. See attached for how DSPS has been delivering first-class results.

The Power of Productivity

Productivity is actually a myriad possibilities and challenges. To reach the goal of a truly productive and successful workplace from an FM perspective means getting a grip on people, product and performance.
Terry Owen reports.