Tsebo Facilities Thought Leadership Aubrey Mcelnea

Tsebo Facilities Thought Leadership Aubrey Mcelnea


As we continued to navigate the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams at Tsebo have been hard at work designing cost-effective, agile workplace solutions to assist our clients to increase control over operations while ensuring compliance with prevailing COVID-19 emergency legislation and avoiding office and desk occupation saturation.

We have also focused on re-imagining our places of business, rethinking operational and space requirements, exploring innovative technologies, and engaging international alliances and sources to gain global insights into a post-pandemic world as well as the impact this will have on us, our economy, and our businesses. While doing this, we have also been looking at how to assist clients with questions they may have about space utilisation, cost management, cost surety and how to stay on top of operations at the touch of a keypad.

COVID-19 caught us all by surprise and simultaneously forced us at extremely short notice to adopt flexible operating models to ensure that our businesses would survive the pandemic and its after-effects, while striving for recovery to pre-pandemic levels of business. There is a lot being said about the ‘new normal’ but currently very few experts, including futurists, are willing to bet their careers on what this new normal will look like. The three waves of the pandemic have proven that listening to medical experts on the frontlines is the wisest source of information as well as the best guess for the new normal, which is somewhere between two radical points of view concerning the world of work. On the one side, we have the conservatives who believe everything will return to the way it was. On the other, we have the radicals who believe everything will change. While this debate rages, I am sure most executives are pondering on whether a fourth wave of COVID-19 is on its way, and whether a booster vaccine will be required, how we as citizens deal with vaccine resistance and, how this resistance could keep us in COVID-19 cycles until the virus runs out of mutations?

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