About us


Formerly known as Drake & Scull FM in South Africa and Tsebo Facilities Solutions in the rest of Africa, we now operate exclusively as Tsebo Facilities Solutions across all territories. Recognised as Africa’s premier facilities solutions company by PMR Africa since 2012, we serve 6000+ sites across diverse industries, delivering African solutions aligned with global standards.

As a proud member of the Tsebo Solutions Group, we leverage over 50-plus years of experience and a robust presence in Africa to optimise operations continent-wide. Our emphasis on nurturing and empowering our workforce is central to our client commitment.

We view Workplace Management as more than just asset and property management. It’s about maximising your company’s investments. This encompasses both physical and human assets that are vital for optimal operational efficiency within your facilities.

Effective Facilities Management goes beyond the physical and financial realms, offering comprehensive benefits. It enhances productivity, ensures safety, establishes a strong foundation for core organisational activities, and promotes long-term sustainability.

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding Facilities Management services that enable the use of physical assets to achieve organisational objectives aligned with your business goals.

Why choose tsebo?

Outsourcing is a critical decision for any organisation.

We understand that tailored and business-specific approaches are essential, considering the diverse needs of each organisation.

At Tsebo, we excel in navigating the complexities of outsourcing, leveraging our unmatched experience to guide clients in alignment with their strategic objectives. While cost-saving is a common goal in Facilities Management outsourcing, it’s essential to recognise that outsourcing offers a spectrum of benefits beyond just reducing costs.

Partner with Tsebo to unlock these advantages and more for your organisation through strategic outsourcing.

  • Access to specialized skills
  • Transitioning fixed costs to variable costs
  • Streamlining and reducing the management agenda
  • Resource optimization
  • Risk transfer
  • Fostering innovation
  • Enhancement Processes
  • Prioritizing core business activities
  • Service differentiation
  • Enhanced flexibility

Meet the Team

Standing from left to right:

Rakgetsana Benedict Ntlema – Head of Energy, Nino Calvert – Operations Director, Wayne Milan – Operations Director, Aubrey McElnea – Chief Operating, Officer, Ebrahim Patel – Head of Engineering, Neels Brink – Managing Executive, Bianco Chetty – Head Tsebo Workplace Design, Junaid Kader – Head Public Private Partnerships, Natacia Lazarus – Key Accounts Director, Cheryl Basson – Managing Executive Strategic Projects

Seated from left to right:

Zamokuhle Zitha – Financial Director, Ishara Singh – Human Resource Director, Lusanda Mkalipi – Sales Director

Our leadership team

Aubrey Mcelnea

CEO – Tsebo Facilities Solutions

Ishara Singh

Human Resources Director

Cheryl Basson

Managing Executive

Neels Brink

Managing Executive

Zamokuhle Zitha

Financial Director

Lusando Mkalipi

Sales Director

Bianco Chetty

Head – Tsabo Workplace Design

Wayne Milan Chetty

Senior Executive – Inland

Nino Calvert

Operations Director