9 Simple Steps to Workplace Diversity

The lack of diversity in many outsourced suppliers has meant that they have failed to adapt to new and changing market environments. Many service providers question whether their staff complement is diverse enough to form sustainable and collaborative relationships with their customers. South Africa leads the world with legislation to redress the inequality of our past. Apartheid meant that the majority […]

The 7 Levers of Transformational Outsourcing

Back on the 18th of May, I wrote a post on how outsourcing can provide a means to effectively address both workplace and workforce productivity; 6 Reasons to Outsource your Facilities Management for Radical Productivity. In that post, I wrote about the compelling reasons for how outsourcing can lead to radical productivity and why as outsourced providers, we […]

‘Vested’ Thinking – 5 Steps to Performance-Based Outsourcing

Despite savings in excess of 50% whilst still maintaining end user satisfaction, results show that neither the buyers nor the suppliers of traditional cost focused outsourced Facilities Management (FM) services are truly satisfied. In other words, many outwardly successful FM outsourcing deals and relations in the current market neither satisfy the buyers or the suppliers- Why is […]