Tsebo Sustainable Energy Business Solution

Tsebo Sustainable Energy Business Solution

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The South African government’s recent response to South Africa’s energy crisis has made it clear that sustainable energy will play a significant role in transforming the energy sector. By providing a framework that aims to cut red tape and reduce regulatory requirements for renewable projects, the government has empowered the private sector to become part of the energy solution.


Loadshedding has severely impacted businesses with devastating financial consequences as a result of down time, not to mention the detrimental effect of unplanned outages and power surges on company assets.
While new legislation will make it easier for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger organisations to benefit from various sustainable energy solutions, and even generate and sell excess energy to the national grid, renewable energy is not a one size fits all solution. The initial infrastructure investment is expensive and unscrupulous dealers often ‘over-sell’ over-priced systems that do not work in tandem, match the company’s requirements or comply with complex regulations.

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