An executive’s headaches shouldn’t have to extend to an engineering strategy

An executive’s headaches shouldn’t have to extend to an engineering strategy

Executives often only become aware of the importance of an effective engineering strategy when the generator dies, or complaints about faulty airconditioning become overwhelming.

While loadshedding has made us more aware of electricity schedules as we navigate non-functioning traffic lights or focus on the “one for you, one for me” routine to traverse three lane intersections, no one tends to think about the office’s lux levels or whether something sinister is lurking in the chillers. The seamless transition from mains to back up is not something we think about while on a teams call, or when completing a document that is crucial to a highly desirable acquisition.

Engineering teams are the unsung heroes of our working environments. They keep the lights on, ensure the uninterrupted power supply provides seamless support to our systems and hardware, while at the same time protecting us from injury, illness or prosecution from a building safety perspective.

We underestimate the importance of an effective engineering strategy to protect our assets, prolong their lifecycles and provide essential business support. It’s only when things are going wrong that we tend to notice our engineering teams, or the absence thereof.

It’s also essential to ensure that our engineering and maintenance teams are adequately skilled and possess the required qualifications to do what they do. It’s a bit late to be scouring personnel files after an accident and while under the scrutiny of an inspector from the Department of Labour. At that point any debate on whether we should or shouldn’t have tried to do this ourselves isn’t really helpful. If you are having to ask yourself: “Are we maintaining our assets correctly and are our service providers delivering what they claim to be?”, it’s time to consider Tsebo Engineering Solutions. Tsebo provides best-in-class electrical and mechanical engineering solutions tailored specifically for individual businesses. Our solutions support a variety of clients, from data centers and commercial and manufacturing facilities to entertainment venues, casinos, hotels and educational facilities, as well as hospitals, transport hubs and telecom providers.

With certificated and experienced engineers, managers, artisans and staff, Tsebo Engineering Solutions delivers services across South Africa with numerous large, blue-chip organisations placing their facilities and trust in Tsebo’s hands.

We ensure that emergency generators, UPS and air-conditioning systems, electrical reticulation, lighting, plumbing and the integrity of our clients’ fixed assets operate at an optimal level – protecting the businesses and individuals who rely on these assets for their continued success.

Tsebo Engineering Solutions provides its clients with:

  • A customised engineering solution to support clients’ businesses
  • A single point of contact and one invoice for multiple engineering services
  • Professional services delivered by well-trained professionals and employees
  • An auditable engineering Management System
  • A lever to pull, controlling both demand and supply
  • Best-in-class management information and reporting capabilities
  • Access to specialised engineering and energy management solutions

Our Engineering and Asset Management System provides Clients with a real-time view of activity as well as detailed reporting of all Engineering and Maintenance activities, so you can be sure we’re doing what we need to do, when we need to do it, and importantly that you are receiving value for what you’re paying for.

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