Get a grip on the financial and operational impact of utility costs on your business

Get a grip on the financial and operational impact of utility costs on your business

Thought-leadership Article:
by Aubrey Mcelnea, CEO – Tsebo Facilities Management Solutions

It is time to proactively manage your utilities to give you the ability to control your costs.

While the last two years have generally been tough for South African businesses and consumers with waves of Covid, unrest and other local and global macroeconomic challenges, we also continue to grapple with power supply or the lack thereof.

Utilities have become a major cost item on the income statement, and sadly no relief is in sight from a supply perspective. A further challenge is that we only learn of the spike in monthly utility costs in arrears, and even then, we are often at the mercy of meter readings or the lack thereof. We are also often not on the correct municipal tariff, which means that we are blissfully unaware that we could be paying a lot less for our utilities if we had only known.

In this case, knowledge is power (excuse the pun) and proactively managing your utilities gives you the ability to control your costs. Fortunately, Tsebo Energy Solutions has access to a wealth of Electrical and Energy Engineering expertise underpinned by its own Energy Management System known as Consumption Intelligence. The system allows Tsebo Energy Solutions to assist clients in reviewing applicable tariffs for their specific municipal jurisdiction, translating into substantial, sustainable monthly savings. The system also provides real-time energy usage reports, which can also be utilised for billing purposes. This is extremely useful where the client has tenants or other users, and the municipal billing process leads to potential cash flow challenges. In other words, tenants or sub-users can be billed in real-time use for the applicable month, avoiding the obvious pitfalls of arrear billing. Tsebo Energy Solutions also uses the Consumption Intelligence System to provide clients with customised energy reporting, data to correct energy consumption patterns and is also used by clients for real-time reporting on their carbon footprint. Tsebo Energy Solutions provides consulting services and project management expertise to assist clients with structural changes to their energy supply.

Tsebo Energy Solutions’ Consumption Intelligence System can be utilised to monitor and report the real-time use of electricity, water, steam, liquid fuel, and gas. The system is utilised by clients across the African continent, allowing them to make tactical and strategic decisions on how utilities are managed within their businesses.

While I have briefly touched on the capabilities of the Consumption Intelligence System, this written piece does not do the broad capabilities of the System justice. I would request that if you are concerned about the financial and/or operational impact of utilities on your business, you reach out to us. We will present the system capabilities to you, which will include a live view of activity on the system. This will allow you to understand the benefit you could extract for your business utilising this system and the services of Tsebo Energy Solutions.

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