Tsebo Workplace Design – Intelligent Workplace Design

Tsebo Workplace Design – Intelligent Workplace Design

Bespoke integrated workplace management solutions built upon 50 years of proven experience.


A new way of working has arrived, many companies will need to respond cost-effectively and swiftly



Tsebo Workplace Design integrates industry best practices, thus accelerating your ability to respond, while you focus on productivity and return on investment.

As a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa Middle East, Tsebo Solutions Group offers our clients improved workplace productivity that supports their success.

Tsebo work place design

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  • Segmental catering solutions across all sectors
  • Agile and pop-up catering solutions
  • Dedicated “ art of food” teams
  • Nutrition as a building block for workforce health
  • Niche coffee and beverage solutions
  • Catering for virtual teams


Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Industry recognized cleaning excellence
  • Specialised cleaning, including COVID and return-to-office cleans
  • Technology-enabled cleaning
  • Hygiene and Pest Control solutions


Facilities Management

  • Workplace strategy and space design for office repurposing and right-sizing
  • Turnkey Design & Build, Project Management, and Consulting Services
  • Award-winning hard, soft, and Business Support services management
  • Critical engineering, Front-line maintenance, and Energy management
  • Staff Access, Desk, and Room booking saturation control
  • Management of on-site staff comfort initiatives
  • Back-to-work assurance and auditability

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  • World-class risk management through our state of the art National Control and Command Centre
  • Best in class manned guarding
  • Technology solutions for risk reduction, including Covid officers and access control
  • Vacant property solutions


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