TseboFS at SAPS Gallo Manor – 18 July 2017

TseboFS at SAPS Gallo Manor – 18 July 2017

TseboFS together with TEARS Foundation celebrated the life of Tata Madiba at SAPS Gallo Manor on Nelson Mandela Day 18 July 2017 working tirelessly in changing the lives of those in need.

The two organisations came together to spent the day supporting Matla a bana Foundation in painting the child victim office to be used by the Forensic Social Worker of SAPS Johannesburg.

On arrival Captain Chauke & the SAPS team warmly welcomed TseboFS & TEARS Foundation team and took us on a tour around the facility. In showing their appreciation the SAPS team members joined in and assisted with painting and moving the furniture.

Matla a bana

Matla a Bana is a charity project initiated and managed by the Callie and Monique Strydom Charity Trust.

The foundation is aimed at minimising the secondary abuse children suffer when they report abuse against them. They also specialise on the following projects:

  • preventing more child abuse from happening by securing more reporting. To mobilise communities to start speaking about child abuse.
  • educating communities on what child abuse is, signs and symptoms and how to report it.
  • educating the public and children on reporting, highlight myths and facts of child abuse and to mobilise the community to start reporting.

To read more about Matla a bana please follow the link matlaabana.

TEARS Foundation

For more information about TEARS Foundation please READ

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the employees of TseboFS and those who devoted 67 minutes of their time in inspiring change!!


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