TEARS Foundation Develops Medi-App to Detect Child Abuse

TEARS Foundation Develops Medi-App to Detect Child Abuse

On this Human Rights Day spare a thought for those victims of abuse, in particular, our children. Child abuse is rampant in South Africa, with statistics like 1 in 3 children being abused before the age of 12.  TEARS Foundation has developed Medi-App software which enables medical professionals to track & record suspected abuse of children. This software uses machine learning to detect children who are being abused on the 2nd or 3rd time being admitted to medical facilities for assistance, thus enabling the medical professionals to report cases, leading to more successful convictions.

TseboFS is proud to sponsor TEARS Foundation which is a non-profit organisation based in, our office in Kingsley Office Park. TEARS provide access to legal, medical and counselling services to victims of rape and sexual abuse.

In South Africa, statistics show that:

  • 1 in 3 children have been sexually abused or violated
  • 88% of child abuse goes undetected/unreported
  • Abusers frequently avoid detection by utilising different facilities to receive medical treatment for their children

One of TEARS’ projects is dedicated specifically to combatting abuse in children under the age of 12. Medi-App is an application which enables doctors/clinicians to detect indicators of child abuse and capture this information on a cloud system, enabling the detection of abuse.

Medi-App has successfully completed the proof of concept phase and is now entering the trial phase before national implementation. The results from the proof of concept phase provide testimony of Medi-App’s power to reach its aim of protecting children from child abuse, increasing detection of abuse and making accurate evidence available in conviction cases in court.

This initiative has received acceptance from the crowd funding organisation Global Giving. TEARS need to raise $5000 in 3 weeks, from 40 different donors, which started on the 13th of March already. Go to the Global Giving  to donate to Medi App.


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