Charlotte Mabela wins Top Student Award

Charlotte Mabela wins Top Student Award

In a glittering and rising star-studded graduation ceremony, Charlotte Mabela, TseboFS internal Auditor on the Barclays account, won out over all of her fellow students from the entire Tsebo Group to take the coveted title of  ‘Top Student’ for the 2015 Tsebo Senior Management Program.

Charlotte said

“I was absolutely honoured to be part of the group that took part in the 2015 Tsebo Senior Management Program. The program was very interactive, inclusive and opened up wide range of opportunities. 

I experienced Tsebo as a pan-African company in a valuable way. It provided me with the opportunity to explore Tsebo’s vision and mission as well as get more insight into what we as the brand stand for. Through the Active learning project, I got to learn about how Tsebo cares about their employees and the community around them.

I discovered a lot about myself and the kind of person I am, the program gave me a platform to enhance my weaknesses and to capitalise on my strengths. I was also privileged to interact with my colleagues from the other divisions across the continents, sharing and understanding what they do and the milestones they overcome on a daily basis.

I am thrilled about winning the Top Student Award and proud to have flown the Facilities Management flag high. I am so grateful for the experience I have gained and looking forward to taking it back to the business.”

Charlotte has done the company proud and I am sure we will all join me in congratulating her on her fabulous achievement. She is clearly a rising star in the Tsebo family and a role model for us all, we will be watching as she grows and moves on to greater heights.


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