Tsebo FS Director Andrew Mason on FM TV

Tsebo FS Director Andrew Mason on FM TV

This week’s blog post is a little different. Tsebo FS director Andrew Mason recently gave a 30-minute Interview on FM TV  which is the YouTube Video channel for the Premier Facilities Management information resource in South Africa.

In the interview, Andrew conveys his thoughts on the Facilities Management industry in South Africa, its challenges as well as its hopes and aspirations.

Here are some of the issues that were discussed. We hope that you will get some useful takeaways from the interview, if you do and have any comments or observations that you would like to share please leave a comment below.

1. (0.42) The New FM Standard for South Africa

  • What will the publication of an FM standard mean for the industry?
  • How does this compare to international standards?
  • Is this a step forward?
  • What are the current issues with the standard?
  • Why is the standard aspirational in intent?
  • Why is outsourcing, not a facilities related decision?
  • Does the standard recognise the strategic value of facilities management?
  • How can the standard be used to improve the image of the facilities management industry?

2. (4.49) Business in Africa

  • What are the challenges of doing business in Africa?
  • What do companies need before venturing into the continent?
  • Who or what is causing the growth of the FM industry in Africa?
  • What are the challenges of delivering to global standards on the African continent?
  • What are the possibilities in Africa?
  • What do we need to be careful of when exporting our knowledge to the continent?

3. (10.30) Building Great Ties with FM Providers

  • What is it that the really successful companies do better than others?
  • Why is FM different from almost all other services?
  • Who are the important stakeholders in the delivery of FM services?
  • Who are the largely forgotten stakeholders?
  • Why is customer satisfaction so elusive?
  • Why is our customer’s customer so important?
  • What is the Golden thread that binds all the FM participants together?
  • Why should our service outputs be largely irrelevant?
  • Where are we going with SLA’s?
  • What are the perception and experiential risks that we need to take?

4. (19.11) The Benefit of Having Core Values

  • What do core values mean to us in the FM industry?
  • Why are creating dialogue is the workplacefundi.com objective
  • Why the idea of educating our clients is one of our biggest failings
  • Why values unify and why we need it in facilities management?
  • What should we take for granted as a set of values?
  • What key ingredient should be included in our set of values?

5. (24.38) Making FM more Appealing

  • What are the key things that we need to address if we are to make FM more appealing to our potential customers?
  • What is the appeal of Facilities Management to our future talent?
  • Why a purpose for FM is so important?
  • How can FM change the world?

6. (28.29) Mason in Madrid

  • Why I’m going to the European facilities management conference in Madrid?
  • What is the message I want to convey about Africa?
  • Why we in SA do not need to stand back for anyone else in the world of FM?

7. (32.13) Attributes, Skills needed for FM

  • What are the attributes we look for in FM’s
  • What are the skills that FM’s will require for a future in this industry?
  • Why do we need to hire for behaviour and train for skills?
  • Why is FM the most accessible form of a leadership platform?
  • What is the most important attribute to have as a young FM?

8. (35.38) I woke up today and said:”I want to be in FM”

  • How do you get into FM?
  • Why has FM got the biggest opportunities?
  • How do you get your company to invest in you as an FM?
  • Why is diversity the core and strength of FM?

Question: If you do and have any comments or observations that you would like to share please leave a comment below.


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