Welcome To The Tsebo Facilities Solutions Blog

Welcome To The Tsebo Facilities Solutions Blog

Welcome to the Tsebo Facilities Solutions (TFS) blog. The purpose of this blog is to help you navigate and understand the world of facilities management and the value it can bring to any organisation. If you are looking for content on all and any aspect of facilities management, workplace management, business support services, or outsourcing you are are in the right place.

What is the blog about?

The focus of the blog will be to provide value through information and insight into how facilities management can add value to any organisation. It will assist and provide helpful information to anyone who wants to know more about the diverse world of facilities management (FM), workplace management (WM) and outsourcing.

What will inform our content choice?

This blog will have a professional approach that adds value to any business that occupies premises. The overall focus will be on providing valuable content and practical first world advice that is focussed locally but applicable globally and ideally shareable.
There will be a variety of styles of presentation of the content so that this will be seen as be up to date fresh and easily consumable. The content will however not be frivolous. It will contain practical tips and weighty advice that contains deep insight into the industry and its challenges, as well as the value add of outsourcing from the industry’s leading ’Trusted Advisor’.

Who are we creating content for?

Our intended audience are geographically spread across the entire African continent and will comprise C-Suite individuals and company decision makers that are or will be guiding and directing companies that have a significant property portfolio. We are a service delivery company and so management consultants, coaches, as well as in-house Facility Managers, workplace, corporate real estate, HR & procurement professionals, will also derive value from our content.

How often will we be providing new content?

The TFS Website will have several forms of new content that will include a News and Media tab with Company news that will be posted on an ad hoc basis This is not to be confused with the blog where we plan to post once a week.
You will have the option to sign up to our newsletter which will be automatically e-mailed to you when there is new content available so that you will not miss a post.

Call to Action?

We don’t intend this to become a monologue, we will be providing valuable but actionable content with a ‘call to action’ in each post in the form of a question. We hope to generate a dialogue between us and so we will read every comment or suggestion left in the comments section and respond as we are able.


This blog is about serving you and so if you have a topic you want us to address, please leave a comment below and we are really looking forward to connecting with you.


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