A company rooting for a sustainable Africa

A company rooting for a sustainable Africa

To commemorate Earth Day 2015 (22 April), Tsebo FS CEO, Dr. John Wentzel, dug in and planted an olive tree outside our Sandton HQ with the help of staff. The Wild Olive (Olea africana) is a protected tree in South Africa and a precious part of our local natural heritage – but there’s a wider meaning for Tsebo FS.

For centuries, the olive branch has been seen as a symbol of peace. In the wake of recent xenophobic violence in parts of South Africa – and for our pan-African company with operations well beyond SA’s borders – the olive tree outside our offices is a call for tolerance, and a reminder that Africa is a resource we share with our neighbours.

It is also not a resource we take for granted. As part of the Tsebo Group, Tsebo FS places environmental sustainability at the heart of our operations. This extends from maintaining set standards of environmental practice at site level in numerous African countries, to innovating ways to improve internal benchmarks; and training our people to tailor solutions for clients that deliver cost-saving, but also environmental, benefits. In an era where green building is being pursued by more and more conscientious corporates, Tsebo FS is proud of our sustainability expertise and membership of the Green Building Council of SA.

Tsebo FS believes in upholding the South African spirit of Ubuntu and will continue to invest in a sustainable future for Africa, its natural resources – and all of its people. Long may our olive tree flourish.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to mobilise support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970. Coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, it is celebrated in more than 192 countries. For more information visit http://www.earthday.org/.


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