The FM Expertise behind Great Entertainment!

The FM Expertise behind Great Entertainment!

Tsebo FS is proud to announce the renewal of one of our most longstanding contracts, with Tsogo Sun Montecasino. Gauteng’s no.1 family entertainment destination, Montecasino delivers the best in stage entertainment, sports & outdoor events, wining & dining and more. Behind the glittering scenes, Tsebo FS manages a vast web of technical infrastructure…

Our relationship with Tsogo Sun began with the FM contract at Jo’burg’s 19 000-capacity Coca-Cola Dome, in 1998. When Montecasino opened two years later, we began managing the infrastructure that would keep things all-systems-go at Tsogo’s new prize attraction.

The on-site technical infrastructure includes managing eighteen electrical generators, from tiny 250kVA models to 1850kVA giants. Engineers within our 70-strong team strive to ensure that all electrical systems keep operating at optimum level.

We also manage the complex’s HVAC system; ensuring that fresh, cool air flows throughout. The hardware and software running complex systems like the many automatic doors, lifts and escalators is also closely supervised.

The Tsebo FS Facilities Management team at Montecasino works closely with our client-side team to deliver best practice and world class solutions that see expectations met – and exceeded – whenever possible.

“We have no doubt that it was the continued dedication and hard work of John Kemsley and his team that resulted in Tsebo FS retaining this contract. We wish our team the greatest of success for the future.”
Dr. John Wentzel – Tsebo FS CEO

Striving to be the best under the sun
The renewed contract is also an expanded one: moving forward, the adjacent Palazzo Hotel (one of three top-end hotels at Tsogo Sun) is also being incorporated into our wider Montecasino FM solution. Tsebo FS will be serving up a united FM solution across several Montecasino properties; comprising best practice, the latest international trends, a focus on cost-cutting and time-saving technological innovation and, most importantly, people with the highest expertise.

“Congratulations to our large, tightly-knit team on entering an exciting new phase at this magical destination – and we thank our client team sincerely for their continued input and support.”
John Kemsley – Tsebo FS Operations Executive (Montecasino)


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