Ensuring our lead in Management

Ensuring our lead in Management

Skills development is a key priority for the Tsebo Solutions Group. This brand imperative saw 50 middle and senior managers from across the group embark on a Gordon Institute of Business Science Leadership Development Programme in 2013 (following previous groups in 2010, 2011 and 2012). The managers, including Tsebo Solutions Group’s Ben Chauke; Basetsana Leeu; Jiten Ramprasad; Wayne Milan; Stephina Thobela and Theo Mhlongo, successfully graduated on 18 November 2014.

Dr. John Wentzel, CEO of Tsebo Solutions Group FM, believes this kind of investment in applied managerial skill is imperative for companies seeking to stay at the forefront: “Well done to the graduates, including our achievers from TFS. We greatly value the added insight, expertise and new ideas you can now bring on board – ultimately to our clients’ benefit.”

The course exposed the managers to facilitated action learning, in which theory taught by GIBS was practically applied, by themselves, to their work environments. It also allowed the managers to exchange knowledge and ideas with each other.

At the outset of the course, the group was divided into 7 competing ‘syndicates’ or teams for an Action Learning Project (ALP). Each team was challenged to research, solve and compile a particular business case, to be presented to the Tsebo Group EXCO at the end of the course. The teams consulted with dedicated Tsebo executives, so that each finished business case would become an actionable project for the Tsebo Group.

Congratulations to the team winning “Best Action Learning Project”: Earl Samuels (Head: Internal Audit), Jiten Ramprasad (TFS Business Analyst), Emma Manuel (Fedics Regional Sales Manager), Celia Nortje (Fedics District Manager) and Theo Mhlongo (TFS Financial Controller); along with their sponsor, Wynand Louw (Tsebo Group CIO). The team developed an achievable business plan for the formation of a Pest Control Solution.

According to Wynand, “What struck me was how quickly they were able to grasp important strategic and business principles and incorporate these into the ALP assignment. Well done for producing and presenting us with a practical and well thought out product, guys, that we can now take forward!”

The Tsebo Group congratulates its latest GIBS graduates and, in particular, top performing student Elsa de Jongh (a Tsebo Group Financial Accountant) who says, “I really enjoyed the course, learned a lot and got the chance to get to know and work with colleagues from different divisions. It was hard work but will definitely add value to our daily working lives and transform the way we think about the business. Thank you to Tsebo for this opportunity to grow and learn!”

Fellow graduate Earl Samuels (Head of Tsebo Group Internal Audit):
“It was exciting, insightful and captivating – each subject gave me new perspectives and the material was relevant to our working environments. The most interesting thing was witnessing the transformation of my fellow “Giblets” – we all went from being ‘deer-caught-in-headlights’ to being confident enough to propose business solutions to our Group EXCO.”

Tsebo Solutions Group’s Theo Mhlongo tells us more:
“This course has been a highlight of my career – being part of a dynamic team; sharing knowledge and skills: gaining insight on strategic leadership and thinking; the practical and interactive learning approach. The knowledge gained will enable me to continuously contribute and add value to the business, and to lead my staff in achieving shared goals. Dose adjustment is not required for patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency. The maximum recommended dose for patients with severe renal insufficiency is 10 mg. Daily intake of https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-cialis-online/ Cialis is not recommended for patients with severe renal insufficiency. A big thank you to our Tsebo Executives for the confidence they showed in me, and for this opportunity to be part of the Leadership Development Programme.”

‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.’
John F. Kennedy


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