All T-Systems go

All T-Systems go

Under exemplary FM Luset Brink, Tsebo Solutions Group FM has been dotting every i and crossing every t for 5+ years, for one of Tsebo Solutions Group’s most high-tech clients.

As part of international telecoms company Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems operate cutting-edge information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinationals and public sector institutions around the world. Since arriving here 13 years ago, T-Systems South Africa (TSSA) has cemented its position as one of the top companies in the group outside of Europe. The head office in Midrand is complemented by a regional office in Cape Town.

Since 2009, Tsebo Solutions Group has been handling FM responsibilities for T-Systems, at Avanti Towers in Cape Town. TFS Ops Exec Peter Casey has overseen this prestigious contract since it went live:

“In early 2009, our implementation team hit the ground running and pulled out all the stops to help relocate our client’s staff from 3 different Cape sites, to the newly-built Avanti Towers. One of our main objectives was to give the staff an understanding of the basic principles associated with operating their prestigious new environment. The Facilities Helpdesk was our key to ensuring that any issues were resolved and the move-ins happened smoothly.”

Facilities Manager, Luset Brink and her 6-strong team continue to thrive, and our client knows they can be counted on to keep operations at TSSA-Avanti Towers running like clock-work for the 190+ staff. Also part of Luset’s team are 2 staff members dedicated to handling FM for TSSA’s 230 staff and infrastructure at its client site, Mutual Park. We visited Luset at Avanti, who told us:

“We work closely with our key client liaison, Karin Willers (Line Manager Corporate Tasks) in Midrand. Together, we have cultivated excellent communication. Besides a weekly discussion, we prepare detailed monthly reports which are reviewed with Karin via VC. We run a tight ship, reign in costs, and are solutions-driven. When a problem arises, we fix it – immediately! I personally really enjoy my role, working in this dynamic and challenging environment. I’m very proud of our team.”

Luset’s capabilities, and her willingness to take on any challenge, are evidenced by recognition she received from T-Systems in March this year (fittingly, our 5-year contract-anniversary month). She was nominated by Karin Williers for a TSSA staff award called ‘Living the T-Systems Guiding Principle’. Besides a substantial Woolworths voucher, Luset received a glowing client commendation:

“When the assigned project manager was unable to build and manage a scheduled new server room for Avanti Towers Luset, on her own initiative, took over and coordinated the entire build and move. The negative impact to TSSA could have been enormous without her. She is always dedicated and one can always count on her, even at the last minute, to ensure that operations run effectively and smoothly at both Avanti and OMG. She goes the extra mile by taking on tasks outside of the SLA or her normal duties. She is always willing and, in this particular case (notwithstanding several others) gave up weekends to supervise the entire move and ensure that all stakeholders were constantly aware of progress.”

“Congratulations, Luset, on the excellent recognition – and well done to our entire team at T-Systems. You make us all proud.” Peter Casey


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