Tsebo Solutions Group has developed an understanding of its clients and their unique requirements in different sectors ranging across the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Entertainment and Leisure, Retail and Government (National, Provincial and Local) sectors, which allows it to benchmark service delivery and costs, and to utilise institutional knowledge to the benefit of its clients. Tsebo Solutions Group can also assure clients that they are dealing with a robust business with long-term contracts ranging from 3 to 30 years, supported by tried and tested systems and processes.

Client Service Experience

To ensure that we remain constantly in touch with how our customers experience our service. Tsebo Facilities Solutions conduct extensive and regular customer experience surveys at three different interface levels:


Via a face to face in-depth interview with the Client’s senior leadership based on the Servqual RATER methodology and Net Promoter score


Telephonic surveys on service performance with the Client’s Contract Management team


(where required) – Anonymous ‘shop floor’ Tsebo Smiley Surveys conducted at point of service delivery

These interactions are conducted by independent companies and allow us to listen to our entire customer base regarding our service performance This information is fed back to the service teams who then instigate service recovery plans as required for long-term improvement of the entire customer journey.

Tsebo’s Service Promise.

Tsebo’s service promise consists of 5 Pillars based on the RATER system which allows us to tie these back to the Customer satisfaction results

Robust Technical Architecture.

Tsebo have invested significantly in powerful cloud-based systems and ISO accredited processes built for African Middle East conditions which can be characterised by interrupted links, distributed networks and numerous languages. The Tsebo systems architecture provides cloud-based processing with highly flexible functionality. This results in reduced reliance on unreliable data networks as well as improved system functionality and a front-end that is adaptable to specific local needs. Our integrated systems architecture is easy to customise and cost-effective to manage, robust and simple to deploy, and is ideal for the challenges of Africa Middle East.

Environmental Sustainability.

Tsebo places environmental sustainability at the heart of our operations. For us, environmental sustainability is the gold standard for our processes which we perform across all service offerings. This extends from maintaining our standards of environmental practice at an operational level, re-inventing the ways in which we operate to constantly improve our internal benchmarks, to training our people to create innovative product solutions for our clients that provide commercial and environmental benefits All our processes and systems are designed to minimise negative environmental impacts. Our solutions improve the carbon footprint and energy utilisation of our clients.