We offer strong ethical management based on combined, in-depth experience and GIBS qualifications that align to our client strategies and job creation initiatives. Our staff members are more than capable and are expertly trained.

We are the creator and copyright owner of the innovative Guaranteed Cost Certainty (GCC©) Facilities Management commercial model. Tsebo created the GCC model to enable the Client to transfer an increasing level of financial risk to us as the Service Provider whilst still providing them the ability to innovate and improve without compromising standards.

We understand African Middle East business culture and practices born of long-standing experience on the continent. We offer specialisations in risk management and maintenance in complex and widely distributed environments.

Our standard-setting industry services are designed to offer affordability over a contract lifespan – not quick wins and losses. We achieve this by aligning our strategies with a client’s business drivers to minimise clutter, distraction and complexity and deliver transformational gains in our clients’ staff productivity.


TseboFS provide a practical source of business insight into commodities markets, labour dynamics and market trends Access to strategic information that allows an anticipation of the future before it hits The reassurance of having a long-term partner that understands the long-term

         A business partner that can anticipate change and react accordingly offering products and solutions that are built to withstand ‘shocks’ and market fluctuations.


Services Innovate Differently.

Innovation creates our future and so cannot be separated from the development and implementation of Facilities Management strategy. The development of a highly productive innovation capability is one of the most important strategic priorities for TSEBO but innovation must be guided and constrained by strategic priorities and intentions in close collaboration with the Client

Innovation Culture.

Innovation is the process of creating the futures that strategy identifies as important and thus, the development of an innovation culture is central to the development of long-term competitive advantage for Tsebo and our long-term relationships with our customers.

Innovation does not happen on its own and there needs to be a recognized and defined innovation methodology or model that describes how to develop innovations. There is also no innovation without leadership on both sides, and we have created, defined and shaped our organizational culture to allow innovation to blossom. We provide the right set of tools that help everyone organize their thoughts and their actions to support and enhance innovation. Trust is a critical element of the innovation culture and it’s the first responsibility of our managers to instil and support trust and fearlessness throughout the relationship.

Our innovative culture in Tsebo empowers employees, welcome ideas, celebrate success, and tolerates risk, for without risk there is little opportunity. Employees in our innovation culture are supported by policies, practices, and resources that acknowledge the risk of failure, and provide space for experimentation.